Custom Window Replacement in Baltimore

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Replacing existing windows with custom-made windows gives our clients the ability to choose shapes, styles and colors to create a distinct architectural impression in their home or office. We will personally guide you through a simple process and help you choose the right window for your home in Baltimore. Custom Windows Baltimore create a unique style by using high quality materials such as wood, glass and metal. By combining energy-efficient frames with glazing tailored to the climate and application, we can customize your windows to suit your needs.


Top Window Styles in Baltimore

One of the best custom window styles in Baltimore is the beautiful Victorian style. This window style was designed for houses that were built during the Victorian era. There are many homes that were made specifically with this style of window. The best thing about this style of window is that it can be very inexpensive.

Window sashes are most popular for the kitchen sink, where you don’t have to lean forward and lift the window to open it. Bay windows consist of three interconnected windows that connect to form a curved set of windows, typically located in a column-shaped window frame.


Custom Window Installation Made Easy

Our team will let you choose the perfect window frame material which are built with the help of excellent Bosch tools, when installing a new window and also the window type you want. With our windows we have a wide range of colors and design options that give your home or office a special touch. We are also able to customize your windows by selecting decorative glass to be added to the windows.

How Long Does It Take to Get Custom Windows?

The process of getting custom windows installed usually take 4 – 6 weeks depending on the window’s size, design and style. Call us today for a free consultation!

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